Tristan Laidlow

Robotics Researcher


I am a Staff Research Scientist on the Atlas project at Boston Dynamics where I enable new robot behaviors using cutting-edge perception research. Previously, I was a research fellow in the Dyson Robotics Lab with Prof. Andrew Davison at Imperial College London.

During my PhD, I worked under the supervision of Dr. Stefan Leutenegger on making real-time dense visual SLAM more robust through the fusion of inertial data and learned depth priors. I completed a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Toronto.


BodySLAM: Joint Camera Localisation, Mapping, and Human Motion Tracking

Dorian Henning, Tristan Laidlow and Stefan Leutenegger

ECCV 2022

Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping with Quadric Surfaces

Tristan Laidlow and Andrew J. Davison

3DV 2022

Coarse-to-Fine Q-Attention: Efficient Learning for Visual Robotic Manipulation via Discretisation

Stephen James, Kentaro Wada, Tristan Laidlow, and Andrew J. Davison

CVPR 2022 (Oral)

iLabel: Interactive Neural Scene Labelling

Shuaifeng Zhi*, Edgar Sucar*, Andre Mouton, Iain Haughton, Tristan Laidlow, and Andrew J. Davison

(* denotes equal contribution)

RA-L 2022

In-Place Scene Labelling and Understanding with Implicit Scene Representation

Shuaifeng Zhi, Tristan Laidlow, Stefan Leutenegger, and Andrew J. Davison

ICCV 2021 (Oral)

SIMstack: A Generative Shape and Instance Model for Unordered Object Stacks

Zoe Landgraf, Raluca Scona, Tristan Laidlow, Stephen James, Stefan Leutenegger, and Andrew J. Davison

ICCV 2021

Towards the Probabilistic Fusion of Learned Priors into Standard Pipelines for 3D Reconstruction

Tristan Laidlow, Jan Czarnowski, Andrea Nicastro, Ronald Clark, and Stefan Leutenegger

ICRA 2020

DeepFactors: Real-Time Probabilistic Dense Monocular SLAM

Jan Czarnowski, Tristan Laidlow, Ronald Clark, and Andrew J. Davison

RA-L 2020

DeepFusion: Real-Time Dense 3D Reconstruction for Monocular SLAM using Single-View Depth and Gradient Predictions

Tristan Laidlow, Jan Czarnowski, and Stefan Leutenegger

ICRA 2019

Learning Meshes for Dense Visual SLAM

Michael Bloesch, Tristan Laidlow, Ronald Clark, Stefan Leutenegger, and Andrew J. Davison

ICCV 2019

Dense RGB-D-Inertial SLAM with Map Deformations

Tristan Laidlow, Michael Bloesch, Wenbin Li, and Stefan Leutenegger

IROS 2017

A Primer on the Differential Calculus of 3D Orientations

Michael Bloesch, Hannes Sommer, Tristan Laidlow, Michael Burri, Gabriel Nuetzi, Peter Fankhauser, Dario Bellicoso, Christian Gehring, Stefan Leutenegger, Marco Hutter, and Roland Siegwart

arXiv preprint 2016